Monthly Archives: February 2013


Each spring I treat myself to a delivery of Narcissi from the wonderful Scilly flowers company. A box of them arrived today and I’ve already filled five vases/jugs. They are one of my favourites to paint and I love the strong scent which fills the house reminding me of spring.


Winifred Nicholson

Since my student days I’ve admired Winifred Nicholson’s paintings. 
I found out recently that there had been an exhibition of her work at Kettles Yard, Cambridge. Unfortunately, by the time I’d heard about it I’d missed the show, so I was delighted to be able to get a copy of the catalogue the other day ( Winifred Nicholson, Music of Colour ). The book is richly illustrated and includes reproductions of all Nicholson’s works in the Kettle’s Yard collection. In the back of this catalogue was a website address for her:
I was excited to see that the site had some paintings of hers that I’d never seen before.